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12 October 2008 @ 04:47 pm
I am making this one public, but I am not going to promote it to other communities. If you want to promote this to your friends list feel free to!!

It-it's not that I want her DEAD, it's just I want her not to be alive any longer.

Favorite GG characters:
Favorite GG celebs:
Favorite GG couples:
Unpopular GG opinions:

Other fandoms:
Other interests:
What you post about:
Journal security:
What should we know about you before we add you:

And you know, just for kicks...what do you like about gg_ontd?

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01 October 2008 @ 02:34 pm
OK this is a poll for all you GG fans. I am curious to know what you think. You've been watching and keeping up with the B/C story, I want to know who you think should have to apologize/go crawling back to the other first. Now, regardless of whether you are a fan of this couple or not (because I'm not but I have a strong opinion on this). The 'THEY SUCK!' option is not available as I want viewpoints from non-fans as well.

Who should have to apologize next?

Blair because...
Chuck because...
So whether you think Chuck is a cheating asshole who doesn't deserve Blair because she's too good for him OR you think Blair is a raging bitch who should not have demanded Chuck say he loves her I WANT TO KNOW YOUR OPINION! 

Stop being so chicken, we're not ggtv or blairwaldorfs. IDGAF what you have to say, just say it!!
Also this post has been made public as an example of what we talk about on a daily basis.
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24 September 2008 @ 06:50 pm
Ever wanted to know what others think of you? Of course, have them compare you to a Gossip Girl character!

1. Reply with your username.
2. Find your friends to compare them to a GG character.
3. Pimp this out like no other!!! ♥ **Don't forget to put in your thread URL**


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29 July 2008 @ 12:18 pm
I'm kind of the moderator of this place. This is a Gossip Girl community that worships males. If you are female and hate yourself, this is the right place for you!! Obviously, we kind of take ourselves seriously. You might know us as the 'anti-Leighton pot-smoking' community and if you want to join just to get the ~deets~ on what went down in our debate, consider yourself disappointed because there wasn't any drama in the post to begin with. We have debates & discussions where you can freely express your opinion without fear of being attacked for it. (Just watch out for our public posts because we have ~spies~.) There will also be news and picture posts where you can freely state your opinion on how fug someone is w/o being attacked. Unless it's Ed, in which case HDU!!

Membership is OPEN - anyone can join
Membership is MODERATED - your profile will be evaluated

Membership is CLOSED - give us a ~sparkling~ recommendation for an invite

Membership is CLOSED - no members are allowed in at this time

Do not ASK to be added. Just join the community, a mod will evaluate your profile and then you will be accepted/rejected from there.
Reasons you might be rejected:
1. If we feel like you might be sent in here just to cause drama.
2. You have no friends, are in no other communities, and joined just a week ago.
3. You hate Chuck Bass.
4. If you have openly bashed us in the past. Thanks, but no thanks.
5. You have made less than 200 comments in your time on LJ.


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