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Blair or Chuck?

OK this is a poll for all you GG fans. I am curious to know what you think. You've been watching and keeping up with the B/C story, I want to know who you think should have to apologize/go crawling back to the other first. Now, regardless of whether you are a fan of this couple or not (because I'm not but I have a strong opinion on this). The 'THEY SUCK!' option is not available as I want viewpoints from non-fans as well.

Who should have to apologize next?

Blair because...
Chuck because...
So whether you think Chuck is a cheating asshole who doesn't deserve Blair because she's too good for him OR you think Blair is a raging bitch who should not have demanded Chuck say he loves her I WANT TO KNOW YOUR OPINION! 

Stop being so chicken, we're not ggtv or blairwaldorfs. IDGAF what you have to say, just say it!!
Also this post has been made public as an example of what we talk about on a daily basis.
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