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gossipgirl_ontd's Journal

GOSSIP GIRL ONTD - Don't tempt me.
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better than that other one

"OH MY EFFING GOD!!" - queen waldorf

Welcome go gossipgirl_ontd. We are the elitist cunts of fandom. You've probably heard horrible things about us, such as 'They're lame!!12345', 'They are anti-Leighton!!12345', 'All they do is cause drama!!12345'. I just want to point out that what you hear is a BOLD-FACED LIE!!!!!!!! Not ALL we do is cause drama. Geez....

Right now we have MODERATED membership. Try your luck.
1. Must have made more than 200 comments (main thing I look for when approving people).
2. Must have had your journal for more than a month.
3. If you have said anything bad about the mods or the community in the past, you're just SOL. Sorry no shit-stirrers allowed. Make your own community.

If you feel you have been unfairly rejected, please take it up with westwicks by private message. She handles all the membership requests.

Whether you think you will be accepted or rejected, please be reading these rules. We have never had any member problems in the past and we intend to keep it that way.
1. This is a pretty much anything-goes Gossip Girl community. Get it? GOSSIP. GIRL. If you see any community with ONTD in the name, and you join and expect some fluffy 'WE LOVE EVERYONE' community you are dead wrong. Expect offensive, rude, insulting comments about the cast and the dumbass characters they play. Bashing is allowed - hell it's ENCOURAGED!! I just don't want bashing of the members tyvm.
2. You may choose to argue and debate with someone who disagrees with you all you like but insulting the person you are debating with is a big NO-NO. Degrading words are allowed when only talking about the cast or their characters, NOT a Livejournal user. ban_set will be used efficiently.
3. NO TAKING SCREENSHOTS OF ANY POST IN THIS COMMUNITY AND RE-POSTING THEM TO YOURS OR ANYONE ELSE'S JOURNAL OR COMMUNITY. Bad Form, this is supposed to be a safety zone in fandom to express yourself without being roasted in the fandom at large. The public ridicule of others is only fun in onscreen fiction, not on lj, just do not do it.
4. Please remember to tag your posts. We have enough tags now that you should know what category your post falls under ok? Please get to it, I can't keep cleaning up your messes!!!

Your Queens
sutherlands is the hbic. Any questions, concerns, disregards you have should go straight to her first. PM's are preferable. Also Ed Westwick is taken by her.
awomanoragirl is second in command. Any time westwicks is not online to cater to your needs, she will be there to cover. So in other words - never. Don't try to take Chace from her, she's a greedy bitch.
loudxmusic is new, young, and naive.
Also these mods are just here for show. They don't actually do anything b/c I always do the work. I just like to make myself look good, so they're here to back me up. :D


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